I may have bit off too much…

Here’s what I’ve already accomplished today:

* Transferred the rosemary to a bigger container
* Re-potted the mini-roses into the clay pots that the kids decorated with tissue paper for Nana and Joe for Valentine’s Day
* The living room is clean.
* The living room is now filled with loads of laundry waiting to be done.
* Daniel’s blankets are all clean.
* A UPS pickup is scheduled to get the yarn being donated by my friend Sherri in Virginia.
* Marlow is scheduled to come over tomorrow at 10 to tune the piano.
* Jim is scheduled to come over on Monday at 4:30 to estimate wiring for the disposal, ceiling fans, and track lights, plus inspecting the breaker box to make sure we’re not about to burn the house down. And maybe get him to install a proper heat lamp for the well. (DONE)
* The litter boxes are clean.

Here’s what’s still on my list for the next few days:

* Finishing inking the Punky Moms comics.
* Gather the rest of the extra clothes and send them to Arkansas for tornado relief.
* Get out the tattoo rig.
* Play Grimm more.
* Play Mythos more.
* Write an article for Punky Moms (probably won’t happen).
* Map out the garden.
* Plant the next round of seeds.
* Steam-clean the carpet where Chan and Kash have gotten into a pissing contest.
* Find a good heavy-metal and toxin detox program.
* Dunk Daniel and Joseph in the bath.
* Get the schoolroom clean enough to reorg and mop.
* Get another layer done on the Trinary Healing model.
* Write an outline for Script Frenzy (due by April).
* Draw out another few cards for the Fluffy Bunny tarot.
* Finish coloring a couple of the Fluffy Bunny cards and submit to USGames.
* Move the extra yarn to a Donations Only stash spot.
* Go through the scrapbook ideas to inspire a new website design.
* Make, build out, and execute a new website design for AM.Com.

Oddly, this doesn’t stress me out. What DOES stress me out is that certain people on a certain forum group that I belong to have to throw whiny little tantrums and fuck up the enjoyment for the rest of us. (I’ll post about the actual situation later when I won’t use quite so many cuss words. Problem: It’s already been a couple of days and I STILL want to use a lot of cuss words. This could take a while. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with AM.Com or PunkyMoms.)

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