I must be nuts.

I’ll tell you now, this is not the list for a single day, but the goal is to get it all done as quickly as possible. Just so you know what’s on my plate, but in no particular order:

* Call Kim about her business plan
* Smooth the countertop and trim the ends
* Measure and build the cabinets, attach countertop
* Continue Outlaw Saloon design for Drupal interface 5-19-09 (found a great template to modify, and Joe’s going to take care of it)
* Get Vendini info and Outlaw logo
* Pack the books in my room
* Pack unnecessary clothes
* Check the AM.Com Forum and do backups on the whole site 5-19-09
* Sketch out the SUAD business plan
* Finish the EarthDance Austin business plan
* Get the current list of vendors from Darla
* Update the spreadsheet with current ticket sales 5-19-09
* Add the article tab module to AM.Com Forum and Chandra Healing 5-19-09
* Research market analysis for specific industries
* Take one-hour class today at 5:00 5-19-09
* Design the EarthDance Austin tickets
* Design the EarthDance Austin flyers
* Get Darla information on Mad Science for the Kidz Village 5-19-09
* Contact Heather 5-19-09
* Call First Education about their failure to report to Equifax 5-19-09
* Review modding instructions on Drupal design 5-19-09
* Talk to Brenda about the mortgage and credit requirements 5-19-09
* Add Donate button to all pages on EarthDance Austin and also update it with new bands 5-19-09

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