I’m ready to feel better now, thanks…

Maybe it’s just the cycle of the moon, maybe it’s hormones, who the hell knows, but this bites. It needs to stop now.

Yesterday, the pressure switch on the well went out. This means no water anywhere in the house. So, I call the guy that I called THREE WEEKS AGO to fix it (he sorta kinda tried to get back to me but didn’t really), and it turns out that he has… vertigo!? WTF? Anyway, he can’t work.

So, I call another person locally (Burns/Carpenter/Hillsdale area). No answer. I call another one. Nope, won’t do it, not on Sunday, and not for another several days. I’m sorry, I can’t wait that long, I have four kids, so no water is a problem, can you recommend someone else? Nope, sorry, you’re just going to have to call someone in Cheyenne.


No one in Cheyenne is answering either.

In the meantime, we find the right switch, Joe comes home, cusses a bit while wrangling the old pressure switch off, but somehow the new switch and the old switch are having the same no-worky problem. Is it hooked up right? Is it a blown fuse? Who the hell knows? It’s under the house, it’s dark, and this is not Joe’s area of expertise. He ran out to the TA and got some gallons of water, so at least we’re not without coffee. (Hey, I have my priorities…)

FINALLY, I got a hold of someone today, and they’ll be out hopefully soon. The bathrooms are disgusting now. (What? You didn’t think we’d just HOLD IT for a day and a half, did you? EW!)

In other news… well, there really isn’t any other news outside of work stuff. No health diaries because that triggers depressive and rage-filled emotions that I’d rather not deal with. That cutting out all of the joys of life just to keep my blood sugar in the low 100s is necessary is offensive.

I’m totally going to kick some rocks about this.

More later. I’m getting closer to having a new AM.com webdesign that I like.

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  1. March 10, 2008

    eesh, everything sounds crazy rough. 🙁 *pat pat*

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