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Crazy busy is this time of year, and then some.

Work is nuts. Although it’s not quite all the way ready just yet, Grimm will have a MySpace page and a Facebook page. (I’m working on the latter today.) Good gods, but I’m behind on all that.

The garden is going in like gangbusters now that we have a tiller. I am very happy.

The trash guys FINALLY picked up the trash, and only a couple of weeks late, but that’s the price of spring cleaning.

Kira arrived, as I might’ve mentioned, safe and sound, and now we’re working on getting her healthy and getting her math in line. Her first appointment with Dan is today. She also has a job interview at the shelter, so that’s just awesome.

Joe and the boys played a fabulous gig last week at the Outlaw, Tuesday through Sunday. And the universe conspired to bring me out there three whole nights! Thursday we took Kira out after the birthday party, Friday I took Nana out as a thank-you for watching the kids Thursday night, and Sunday I went out with Crystal because I haven’t been out with her in ages.

And so busy am I that I can’t even make this post any longer. Hopefully I’ll be slightly back a little more. Watch for those Facebook/MySpace posts!

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