In Dallas

A 14-hour trip was actually an 18-hour trip since I had three of the four kids with me. Miles and Amber are staying in Cheyenne (Burns) until the move proper.

It’s mostly EarthDance Austin stuff, but since I’m going to be in town for longer that the previous three-day stint, I hope to squeeze in some time to see my sisters and dad and friends. (Here’s to hoping, anyway – when I leave it at having an “open schedule”, I usually find it filled up really quick with things that absolutely HAVE to be done.)

If I can’t get around to seeing you this time, I’m sorry, but know that I’ll be coming down soon enough. Joe had a great interview today, has a second one later this week, and then things should get rolling pretty quickly. I’m still open to my more northerly folks coming by and helping with the construction/renovation if you have the time. <3 I have a Dallas staff meeting tonight at 7, an Austin staff meeting on Thursday evening, and a fundraiser on Sunday. The earliest I'll be leaving, then, is Monday. If you call and I don't pick up, it's probably because I'm either in one of these meetings, on the phone with a client/vendor/band/etc., or passed out from sheer exhaustion. I still love you, though.

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  1. July 15, 2009

    I haven’t seen any advertising for EarthDance, maybe you might want to consider running an ad on Moonlady’s list, if you get the chance.
    That would definitely help stir up some interest here in Big D.
    Or maybe put an ad for it in the Dallas Observer.
    Glad things are coming along well.
    Hope your move doesn’t exhaust you too much.
    Hope to actually meet you in person when you get established.

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