I put forth this intention to the universe that the year of 2011 will be immensely more positive and prosperous than the years previous.  Many things could contribute directly to this prosperity and overall happiness for myself and my household.  Some kind suggestions to the universe (which I will totally help with to my greatest ability):

  • Employment (or combination of employment) that equals more than $3,000 per month.  This would pay the bills, allow us to move into a larger place, and give me room to have some left over every month for savings.  For this to be satisfied, this number should be reached every month, and anything else is gravy (much appreciated gravy).
  • I will finish editing “Middle of Nowhere” and get it back out in circulation to agents.  I will also write another novel (either the sequel or another story).
  • I will write one short story per month, each a minimum of 3,000 words, and keep at least three out for submission.  This should be accomplished by June.
  • There are a number of things that I’d like to get for the kids and for the household:
    • Bunk beds for the boys (a twin-over-full, ideally)
    • A Playstation 3
    • Kitchen bits (mandolin, odds and ends)
    • A new desktop computer for gaming
    • A new house laptop for the kids to use for school
    • A new television (the old one triggers Daniel’s seizures)
  • I will enjoy myself every chance I get because that’s good food for the spirit.
  • I will finish the final edits of “Reiki Your Leaves” and I will write “Food Is Love”, plus there are a couple of related projects that are brewing in the background.

I don’t pretend that it will all be smooth sailing, but I know that I have the strength and the determination to get through it, no matter what.

“Man is only capable of joy to the same depth he is capable of sorrow, for they issue forth from the same well.”  — Kahlil Gibran

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