Is that a ray of hope I see…?

Last night, I went to a clinic orientation at the Country Doctor, a local naturopathic specialist. Dr. Dan Young (or, just Dr. Dan) had a lot of interesting things to say, and attributes most serious illness to a nutritional imbalance. While this is not unusual for the most part, how he approaches it is obviously different from how an orthodox doctor “treats” it. As he says, “there’s not a person on this planet suffering from a Ritalin, Nexium, or Prozac deficiency.”

Some of the highlights:

* Metal dental amalgams – even “silver” ones – contain mercury, and these are most likely the culprit in a number of ailments from mental disorders like bipolar to systemic disorders like fibromyalgia. (This is not across the board, and there has to be an inherent weakness for it to exploit.)

* Scar tissue creates a disruption in the neurological signals the body relies on for proper function. Poorly placed scars, scars that are not healed properly, or even just scars that have the wrong influence (like a piercing in a bad spot with crappy jewelry) can cause symptoms from psychosis to ulcers. Maybe diabetes?

Going to the orientation enables me to attend the first two consultations for free, and then we’ll take it from there. I’m already feeling that this is a much better path than being on @#$*& syringes and pills the rest of my life. I have no business having diabetes, so it needs to go away now.

(I also suspect that my intense and unwavering grumpiness and inability to cope with normal family things could be related to this scar issue, if not also some kind of chemical or heavy metal toxicity. I’m looking very forward to my assessments.)

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  1. March 5, 2008

    We’ve had guest speakers on naturopathy, osteopathy, and just today a woman doing some really awesome hands on cranioscaral visceral manipulation demonstrations. (All in our holistic wellness class) and while some aspects of holistic health seem a bit wacky (like certain suggestions in feng shui)a lot of this kind of stuff is really interesting as an alternative, or a compliment to traditional western medicine. It’s definitely something to look into if you feel western medicine isn’t getting the job done.
    It definitely peaks my interest in furthering my education. I love that a lot of these areas deal more hands on with anatomy and understanding the body.
    Keep me updated as to how your assessments go. I’m very curious to see what all they have to say. 🙂

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