It’s a conspiracy!

As much as it irks me that it’s now just after noon on the second and I have NOTHING written for my NaNoWriMo, I did get a fairly steady stream of guests yesterday, and that was awesome.

For those who’d like to know, I did our parent-teacher conferences by phone today. The results are:

Miles made all higher Bs and one A in Music, and he would probably have copped all As if he’d slowed down a little and paid closer attention to what he was doing. (Sound familiar, Kira?) He’s doing so much better in reading than his peers and has the most AR points, but I’d really like to see him do more. He’s doing awesome in High Ability and just needs to use more active listening skills. He starts multiplication flash cards next week.

Lili made all As and one technical B in Writing, though no one’s sure how that was calculated. She has a 100 in Music (clarinet), thinks of math from several different angles, and enjoys figuring things out and thinking critically. She also holds the SCHOOL-WIDE record for AR points.

AR stands for Accelerated Reader, and what happens is that kids read books, and then they go and take tests on the books to show their comprehension. Lili has read so many books and taken so many tests that she earned 392 AR points just in the first quarter. The next guy down has 140 (or something like that). Once a quarter, they get to go the AR store and spend their points on cool things. Lili bought a jam box for her dad for his birthday, and she got herself a CD player. Pretty awesome, huh?

Today, after Joe leaves following lunch, I am so going to work on my NaNo. I was putting together a play list for my iPod last night, and I think I have an actual plot.

Still no real names yet… I really suck at that part.

By the way, do you like this layout better? I think it’s easier to read, but still gives the “Writer At Work” feel…

Oh, and for the daily baby update: AFI is still a little weird, but appears to be increasing; biophysical profile was 8 of 8 (although I missed seeing the respirations myself); the S/D ratios were still not great – 2.6 and 3.0. Three more days…

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  1. November 2, 2007

    That’s much nicer! The other layout was good but the comments got smaller and smaller and smaller as they nested.

    Way to go Lili and Miles! Woot woot!

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