It’s all coming together…

Finally, I heard back from the Pregnancy Institute and got the dates confirmed, which mean that I was able to by the plane ticket at the amazingly discounted price.

However, to get that price, I had to schedule an extra day, so I’ll be arriving in New Orleans on Saturday the 22nd of September. I’m staying at the Motel 6 in Slidell. I’d really love to get together with some Suadlings or other locals on Sunday the 23rd. *HINT-HINT-BENNY-HINT*

The appointment itself is on Monday the 24th, but I won’t be leaving until Wednesday the 26th because you never know if something is going to come up and we end up having to postpone or reschedule – that is the nature of dealing with people who deliver babies for a living. Nature is not always accommodating. (I feel pretty certain that I won’t have a problem seeing Dr. Collins on Monday, but I guarantee if I was leaving on Tuesday, every near-due client of his would go into labor on the 24th.)

In related news, I’m now shopping for a fetal monitor. I’ve found a few that I really like, but apparently AngelSounds are not retailed in the U.S. at all. GAH! They run about $50, give or take, and are far superior to the “Bebe-Beats” or other similar models that usually run $20, but about the only place to get them is on eBay (and that means that paying $37 for a monitor is fine, and you’d better be okay with the extra $20 in shipping, no joke).

At this point, anything to help me find a little peace, to hear him every morning instead of waiting with increasing levels of stress and panic until he starts poking around… I’ll do it.

The hiccups are increasing, though. September 22nd can’t get here fast enough.

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  1. August 29, 2007

    Good news indeed! That is also the same day that Vidar and I fly to Italy, and that my friend Jessica and her hubby fly to Ireland for a honeymoon. Lots of flying that day!

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