It’s totally Google’s fault.

I did something crazy a couple of weeks ago and put all of my RSS feeds into a single source – specifically Google Reader. (I’m pretty sure that link will work, or at least get you close.) You can get to it online, no problem, with your Gmail account, and it’s all kinds of awesome. I can keep track of all of my favorite topics easily, and because they can be organized into folders, I can read the news that’s pertinent to what I’m doing at that exact moment.

So, it really is Google’s fault, this thing that I’m about to do.

It’s not enough that I’ve totally fallen in love with these little brown sugar hearts that hang on the side of your tea or coffee cup. Not Martha had to go and one-up that with little GINGERBREAD hearts, then HOUSES that hang on your mug.

You just KNOW what happens next, right?

Lili’s got the baking bug, and here we are with these little cup-hanging shapes, plus this recipe for HOMEMADE marshmallows from the Cooking for Engineers site, which was additionally riffed on by angry chicken

You totally know where this is going, right…?

In the spirit of the re-emergence of the Normality Factor Knitting Section with the release of the Chthuhlu Holiday Ornament (that’s a direct PDF, by the way), I’m thinking that there’s going to be a lot of interesting things in the baked goods section of our kitchen.

And, just so you know, all of my links open in new tabs or windows. Because I love you like that.

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  1. December 19, 2009

    Home-made marshmallows. Nice. Now to figure out if I can find a gelatin that’s not porcine-based, as most of them are.

    Also, your PDF link is 404.

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