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If you have about an hour on Saturday, you should really check out Rebecca Marina’s Lakshmi Blessing. It’s a one-hour tele-class on prosperity, and I gotta say, it’s impressive. I took the class on Tuesday, and it was significant enough that I’m telling you about it now. (You can sign up for it on her main page, and on Saturday, call the number with the PIN, listen to the class, but remember to use your mute button.)

Normally, if someone tells me they’re a “divine channel”, I’m a little skeptical. We all have the potential to be channels like that, but most people are hit-or-miss. If they can’t perform on command, they just make something up. Also, a lot of people use their own ego-concept of what Spirit or God is supposed to be, and they end up dressing it up in a pseduo-religious kind of message.

Rebecca doesn’t do that. She’s very clear that Lakshmi and Allah and Buddha and Jesus are all the same thing, that they’re all faces of God, and that talking to one doesn’t piss off any of the others. There is no religious or “live this way” message in what she brings to the table, just a clear and present desire for us to be healed and healthy.

When she started the class, she walked us through a visualization to clear out the ego-attachments and invite positive energy and healing into our fields. I’ve done this before, and it feels pretty neat with this gently whooshy goose-bumpy feeling that runs down my whole body, but because Rebecca called in “reinforcements” (angels and healing spirits and generally positive light all around), it was a very intense WHOOSH. And it didn’t stop.

One of the things that I really appreciated about this class was that she/they made a point of de-vilifying money – which is to say, we talk about how “money is the root of all evil” and we develop kind of a adversarial relationship with it because we blame it for not being present enough. Really, I think energetically, a lot of money problems stem from not having a proper respect for money.

Money itself is a symbol, a representation of energy. Negative energy repels, positive energy attracts, so if you feel bad about not having money, if you resent money for not being present, it’s not going to feel welcome.

Welcome it. Enjoy it. Hold it for a little while before sending it back out into the world. It’s a desirable thing.

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