Iz mah birfday…

… and I’m all over the map.

I’m going to write this blog, then I’m going to go work on the house, and then… I don’t know if I’ll be back online because I’d also really like to knit today.

Random thoughts:

How do you say “quit yer fuckin’ whining and nut up!” in Jerk-ese?

I am frequently stuck between my baser nature, which happens to be very sarcastic and kind of mean, and the desire to communicate effectively. It’s the difference between expressing my irritation or annoyance or frustration – which is important – and expressing a clear solution for problems. Sometimes, no solution is directly possible, which makes the whole question even more uncomfortable.

Today, I want to get to the things that I didn’t accomplish yesterday, thanks to the comic thing and then the power outage, and then I’ll post something on Facebook later about the shindig I’d like to have next weekend.

I thought I had more to share today, but Daniel was up kicking the crap out of me for most of the night, so I may just have to take a nap before I can be verbal again.

Also, NaNoWriMo starts on Sunday. As much as I want to do it, I may have to resign myself to not winning again, unless I can forward-stack my word count a LOT so that I can get past the actual move.

More later.

<3 (And thank you all for the warm birthday wishes!)

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  1. October 30, 2009

    Happy Birthday, Sweetie. Sorry I forgot, it’s been a little crazy over here with the snow storm and all. Love you much! ^-^

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