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So, the move went as well as could be expected. Given that we really did have other people helping us, it went really well. The only problem I could see was that in my incapacitated state, I couldn’t really organize where anything was going, so what should have only taken one trip in a 26-foot truck actually took two trips and there’s still a ton of crap back at the house.

Eventually, we’ll get around to retrieving it… eventually… I hope…

We finally got the phone and internet hooked up yesterday. I still wish fervently that there was another option (besides paying $150 a month for DSL, phone, and unlimited long distance). When you consider that our phone, cable, and internet cost a total of $160 at the old place, and the same bills are going to come out to around $190, it’s kind of discouraging. But, compared to the other bills we won’t have to pay (like a $350 electric bill), it sort of evens out. I might even try to figure out why my wireless router won’t recognize my DSL modem today. Without it, I can’t connect with my laptop, so I’m using Joe’s computer right now. Meh.

It’s been one wacky adventure after another. Mother- and Sister-in-law sent the kids some bicycles, and we’re planning on putting those together on Saturday or Sunday so that we can be there to help them enjoy them. At some point this weekend, we still need to go shopping for furniture so that we can HAVE a place to put everything (not to mention a place to SIT). But, the television is set up and the satellite people will be here on Friday, so life will be groovy and I can catch a “Battlestar Gallactica” rerun.

Finally, a show whose greatness is so self-evident that I don’t have to worry about the series getting cancelled just because I like it.


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  1. April 8, 2005

    Yay for being moved! Well, mostly. Speaking of which, what is your new addy? I needs it!

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