Many random updates

1. I’m almost done with the Lace Shawl. Six more repeats of the edging, and I’ll be ready to block! I had a moment of quiet panic this morning as I looked at the remaining beads and realized that I might not have enough. So, I stopped what I was doing and counted them out into strings of 51 (exactly as many as it takes to do one repeat), and it turns out that I had enough to finish nine repeats! Oh, thank the gods… I still have them separated out so that I don’t lose track of them.

2. I need to finish the knitting part of the shawl by tomorrow night because I want it out from under me before I start Script Frenzy. I actually have a story that strikes me as moderately interesting, not counting that all other movies in this “drama-comedy” genre are painfully boring to me (not counting “the Family Stone”).

3. Last night before dinner, my blood sugar was 83! That’s AWESOME, considering I haven’t had insulin in three days now. Why not? Because high blood sugar is a long-term danger moreso than low blood sugar, and the last thing I EVER want to experience is a below-50 sugar crash.

4. Miles is learning how to knit! I’m so proud!

5. The kids are taking part in a very intensive disciplinary action: Because they seem to be incapable of washing the dishes properly before putting them away, they have to pull out EVERY SINGLE POT, PAN, DISH, BOWL, ETC. from the entire kitchen, rewash them, get them inspected, and put them back the right way. Ever since last spring when I got laid up with the pregnant, it seems that nothing has been done properly. This stressed me out SO much, but, hey, I was just being irrational and hormonal, right? Hell, no. I’m not pregnant, and it’s STILL not acceptable. There will be training, there will be learning. Or else.


Evidence that Daniel is finally starting to eat solid food! Organic rice cereal, as a matter of fact. He’s still not sure about it all the time, but once a day, we give it the good ol’ college try. In a couple of weeks, once he has the mouth-motion down, we’ll try some simple veggies. I have a food processor, and I know how to use it.

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  1. March 30, 2008

    Re: #5

    Aaaaahahaha! I remember having to do that as a kid. And we only had to do it once to get the point.

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