Meh, meh-mrow-meh-me-mow.

In other words, “No way patty cake oh no no weh go down up cup spoon oh no peekaboo I don’t believe it oh no peekaboo”. And “one two tickle!”

That’s a translated-into-human version of Roux’s stream-of-consciousness this evening. He looked like he was getting tired, and then he just looked up and started rattling off almost every word he knows, then he stopped, put his head in his hands, looked up again, and hissed at the cats.

We have such a strange child.

And I’d rather talk about him than bitch to high heaven about what a royal pain in the ass it is to move when you pretty much have to pack, keep house, wrangle kids, and rearrange, all by yourself. Why won’t I bitch? Because Joe is out there doing just as much, just in different ways. There are times that I’m insanely jealous of his ability to leave the house every day – at least it’s a change in scenery – but then I start thinking about it, and the only thing I really do when I leave is sit there and wonder how the kids are doing.

In other news, the Untamed (the band Joe plays bass for) has an audition this Sunday, March 13, at the Sundance Saloon in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’ve only been playing phone tag with the booking lady there for a few months, and hopefully this means that there will be more regular gigs for the boys over the summer. It’s a Tuesday-Friday-Saturday stand for them when they get booked there, and it’s a pretty high-traffic place, so… yeah, I know no one is close enough to show up to the audition night, but at least send good vibes in the meantime.

All hail the deep-fried pot stickers!

And…. the baby is now asleep. I guess he had to empty his word bag before he finally drifted off to slumber.

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