Merry Xmas

We’re about to do the Santa Claus Spell.

It works something like this:

A few days before the Big Day, we wrap a bunch of empty boxes. The Night Before, we make sure there’s a good strong fire in the fireplace, put out cookies for the Guy and veggies for his Buddies, hang lots of wishes and dreams on the tree, nail the stockings to the mantle, and then the kids go to bed. We put the empty boxes under the tree and then wait to hear the sleigh bells.

The next morning, we get up and have a blast.

If the kids interrupt the boxes as they’re gathering their magic, we have to start over again. One year, Xmas came two days late because we had to re-cast the Spell at the last minute.

It’s going to be awesome, even if the knitting doesn’t get done until later. Maybe I’ll even get pictures take of the knitting I’ve already accomplished.

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