Motivation? Where?

I should totally be cleaning house and getting ready for tonight…

(In related news, if I didn’t manage to get ahold of you prior to today and you still wanted to come over to Yule dinner, please call my cell or the house so I know how many I am feeding.)

Daniel is PISSED. I can’t find the little baby clippers for his nails, so I put his mittens on him, and now he can’t toss his binky out of the crib. I’m also making him lay down over THERE to maybe get a little more used to it so that I have a scoche more time to work without a baby on my chest, and he is quiet the opposite of pleased with it.

Boy, howdy.

And I’m a big meany-head for letting him cry a little bit. Eventually, he’s got to learn how to comfort himself at least a little. It’s absolutely heart-breaking.

Nana is working on stockings, I’m gearing up to pre-prep the dinner items, and hopefully we actually get the vacuum back today. I realized yesterday that I have almost no desire at all to clean the living room if I can’t go all the way and make the floor nice and pretty, too – and after paying something like $600 for an awesome vacuum cleaner, my carpets should never look less than spectacular.

I am SO not getting all my holiday knitting done on time, so for those of you on the list, please be aware that it’s all going to be Belated. Hell, at this point, I think I might get Nana’s special knitted thing done in time for her birthday… (and that’s more to do with the ambitiousness of the project than time constraints, actually).

Lili got into the Spelling Bee! That’s going to be interesting since she’s not going to be in school at that time… The kids’ last day of school is January 18th. They’re so damned bored waiting around for other kids to get the clue – not to mention going over material they mostly already know – that the most merciful thing to do is pull them out of their misery and hope that the home structure keeps them interested. Gods know it’s got to be better than what they’re subjected to right now.

It’s not horribly awful and bad, but it has the intense potential of getting that way. I’m not willing to sit around and let my kids be another social experiment gone horribly wrong – we’re going to do it the right way the first time. Rar.

Okay, I’m done kvetching. Are you coming over for dinner?

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