My Art Portfolio

Yeah, yeah… it’s a post, not a page, but that’s just how WordPress does it.  Galleries aren’t available as pages in this theme.

Anyway, here are the important things to know:

  • I have 25 years of art training and experience, including:
    • acrylic painting (on canvas and wood)
    • clay and poly sculpting (large scale and small)
    • pencil and charcoal sketching
    • extensive pen-and-ink (nibs and ink wells as well as pre-made pens)
    • wood carving and small-item builds
    • wire sculpture
    • paper maché
    • knitting (lace, cable, and garment design)
    • costuming (sewing, construction, makeup)
    • watercolors
    • colored pencils (not just Prismacolors, there are other brands)
    • probably lots of others I don’t even remember
  • I have a brilliant capacity for both emulating styles and coming up with my own vision.
  • All of my best illustrations and paintings have a story.
  • I collect new media methods like some people collect bottle caps.  (Actually, like I collect bottle caps, which is often.)
  • You’re going to love 10 Reasons You Want Me as a Tattoo Apprentice.
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