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It’s tough when you go through a major change in relationship status.  I mean, sure, you have to deal with feelings of loss and grieving, but there’s also that awkward problem of how to deal with the discussion on that process in a public forum.

For me, this is exacerbated because the other party in this isn’t saying ANYTHING.  Like, AT ALL.  Except about movies.

I’m not sure how to take that.

In other news, I started school this week.  The courses are challenging, which is awesome, but I think the biggest part of the challenge is going to be getting the work done around children and jobs.  It’s hard enough to focus on writing that isn’t necessarily written with retention in mind, but multiply that with jabbering and screaming and traffic…

And yet, there’s a level of peace and joy that comes with it that I don’t recall having in recent years at all.  I think it’s the satisfaction that comes from finally doing what you know you’re supposed to have been doing all along.

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