Not dead

Just busy.

No health diaries that last few days because 1) I haven’t been checking like I should and 2) I keep forgetting to write everything down. I think I do okay when I’m at home, but when I leave, it just stops being a priority (theoretically so that I have enough brain-room left to remember whatever the hell I went out for in the first place).

Today, I go get large plastic plant containers for our grapevines that have decided that torpor is no fun. I would have already started prepping land if it weren’t so damned windy. The temperature outside is fine, but the wind is too often from the north and frigid.

It would be GREAT to know that J, D, and L got to where they were going safely.


Also: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Jen and Brad! Congratulations again, guys!

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  1. March 5, 2008

    They have no internets. They told me they wouldn’t for a while since they are camping Hotel rooms until they find a real place. At least thats what I was told.

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