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With new rentals comes the need to arrange for utilities and services. If there is any point that will lead to procrastination on the house, this is it. It’s not easy stuff.

Today, the last of the sheetrock goes up, and hopefully the taping and bedding happens. Why didn’t it happen before? I had to go into town for the appointments.

You know what sucks? Meeting more really cool and awesome people, right before you move out of state. Maybe that’s the universe’s way of letting me know that I can come back eventually, if that’s the way the world unfolds. I’m not sure that I would – the lack of opportunity is a pretty serious deterrent – but I bet I could visit eventually.

Also, much cleaning needs to be done on the bedroom and big bathroom, mostly because of the fact that there’s nowhere else for people to potty, and we’ll be having many people here over the weekend. :-/

Just a few more things, and then I can get to work.

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