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One of the episodes from Sunday at the hospital involved talking with a UW resident about cord accidents. I recommended to him that he read the study, and he seemed to dismiss it. “I’m sure if it were that important, I would have heard about it.”

I was very polite. I was so polite, in fact, that I didn’t actually say anything at all. I didn’t say, “Well, you’re only a resident and haven’t yet gotten into the real meat of being a doctor which, incidentally, requires researching the individual cases of your patients. And you probably wouldn’t have had your attention called to this study because it was not sponsored by a pharmaceutical interest. No one can make money off of it yet, so of course they wouldn’t be clamoring for you to know something that could save someone’s life…”

And then I got to thinking… Am I really that cynical, or is this really what our medical professionals are reduced to? I thank my lucky stars every single day that I have a nurse-midwife instead of a doctor (although I hear Dr. Lind is very good) because she’s supporting me trying natural methods to raise my blood pressure. She’s not pushing to schedule a cesarean since I’m high risk and could maybe end up with another abruption. She also doesn’t get kick-backs from the pharma companies for prescribing drugs out the wazoo, so I imagine that she probably will have to work a second job at some point in time… and that makes me sad.

Under the related title of “cynicism”, there was a number of articles today about how NASA had a little oopsie when it came to calculating the Hottest Year Evar in the U.S. They said originally that it was 1998. It turned out (after a diligent watch-dog caught it) to be 1934 – the year of the Big-Ass Dust Storm that wiped out Oklahoma. There are reports of shrinking glaciers and species die-offs appearing in U.S. papers as far back as the 1920s and 1930s. Does this mean that global warming isn’t happening?

Hell, no. It just means it’s been going on longer than most people realize. Keep in mind that most of the current data we’ve been examining only goes back to the mid 1950s. The fact that the Neo-Cons are using this data glitch to jump on the “SEE ITZ JUS A HOEXZ!!!1” line makes me physically ill. Finding the glitch gives us a better chance of calculating a real solution that will work with less chance of error, maybe finding more time where we didn’t think there was before, maybe making us realize that we’re already past the point of no return. Who knows just yet? But having the real story is far more important than all the politics in the world, and I’ll be watching like a frikkin’ hawk over the next few months to make sure these assholes don’t try to use that glitch to strike down climate-saving legislation.

Oh, wait… there won’t BE any climate-saving legislation because the Dems are showing their political asses, too, playing the nanner-nanner game over their slim (yet legitimate) majority. Goddamn, but this whole mess makes me sick…

At least my land is arable. Maybe next year, I’ll start building a more solid and weather-resistant house. I should be recovered enough by then… who wants to come over to help? I have an extra shovel…

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  1. August 15, 2007

    Just don’t take any chances, and don’t rule anything out either. It may turn out that a c-section is best, in the end, you never know. But your nurse-midwife sounds awesome.

    • August 15, 2007

      I haven’t ruled anything out, but I’m not going to schedule a c-section for no good reason – and there are some doctors at that practice that make a habit of “elective” c-sections. I’ve have five vaginal births, two major complications, and one fetal demise – none of which are auto-nominators for getting a smiley face on my tummy.

      That having been said, if things go weird or side-ways, or if we have to induce because he just won’t come out (like Joseph wouldn’t), or anything like that, we’ll talk about the options… but on the whole, we’re keeping it as natural as possible, especially since I figure that, given my track record, once I go into actual labor, it’ll take all of about five minutes to get the little guy out.

      Practice makes perfect, as they say… 🙂

      • August 15, 2007

        I want that “super fast deliver” joo-joo…can you send a first-timer some?

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