Ow ow ow ow… ow.

I finally got Alora and Xavier home last night just after I picked Joe and Joseph (or, as Dani calls them, “Joe-Squared”) from the airport. We had some nummies from Buffalo Wild Wing. It was awesome, but the “Hot” is FRAKKIN’ HOT ZOMG!!!

Bob from next door came over to share tales of his travels and to find out how our week went. It was fun, we had coffee, talked, it was like buttah.

Christopher and Sebastian are both home sick today, so that’s… fine. They’re good kids, so they’re mainly just hanging out in front of the fireplace and watching TV. They are definitely not feeling well.

I went to go potty, and when I came out of the bathroom, I caught my finger on the door. Not a big deal, but then it started to hurt. And bleed. Ow.






Okay, I’m better. But it’s still bleeding, and we don’t have any Band-Aids.

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