Please, please, please, let my stomach forget it belongs to me…

I’m trying really hard not to bitch too loudly about how utterly suck this morning-midmorning-noon-afternoon-evening-night-midnight-earlymorning sickness is, but it’s really hard. Now it seems that things that work once aren’t likely to work again – like a baby with colic, only with more nausea. Sprite seems to be helping a bit, but not completely, and only for a short period of time before it stops. (Maybe I should burp more…)

Did I mention that I got a letter back from Black Gate Magazine and that they want to see “Two Rings and a Glove”? I’m very stoked about this, and I started re-reading the last edit I had for it. Lucky thing, too, as it seems that I have completely deleted one of the more vital scenes, where Opureve gives Naghire the crucial hints he needs to complete his quest. I make repeated references to it, but I have no idea where the original passage went, and trying to find the voice of this piece is going to be a bitch. It has that very flowery, opulent, fairy-tale-fantasy feel to it, with a lot of “well, you’d understand if you saw it” kind of comments (such as allusions to unprintable words and unspeakable acts of loving). I have to say, it’s one of my favorite stories and I’m glad that the query letter went well. It’s still going to be a long shot, though, because Black Gate only buys one or two pieces per month, and they have a HUGE slush pile, from what I understand. Still, if they’re looking for something light, engaging, and downright fun, that’ll be an extra not-bad-bit-of-money for me.

The kids love PokeMon, which is good, and I sneak a bit of time here and there to play it as well, not just because I like playing PokeMon but because whether I played it or not, the kids would constantly be asking me, “Mom, what do I do next? How do I faint that one? Is that a shadow? Can I get it later? What kind of PokeBall should I use? Is that guy important? Can I check the news now? How do I get to that prize box?” It’s better to have an answer than to roll my eyes and buy them cheat books.

Joe and I spoke briefly about the possibility of twins. He said, “If it’s two girls, we’ll name one Grace, and we’ll name the other one Supplies – it’s Japanese for ‘unexpected joy’!” And he thinks I’m a little wacky for wanting to keep “Justin Case” handy if we have a boy…

On one hand, how cool would it be to have twins? That would so, like, rock! And it would explain why I feel like such complete and utter crap, thereby relieving me of the inadvertent guilt I’m subjecting myself to. On the other hand, how much more scary could it be to go through that? I mean, it probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that I’m a very small woman – there’s only so far out I can grow in the first place.

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