Plot points and dust bunnies

I’m stalled on Chapter 11 still. I’d love to illustrate this character without “petting the dog”… I know where it needs to go, but there are just a couple of points that haven’t gelled yet.

In other news, I’m very proud of twilightmage! He’s been selected to submit a story to the Gentlemen of Horror anthology for 2009. This is a big deal and hopefully will jump-start his writing career. He has to have the story done by August. Support support!

Reiki class starts again today at 3ish.

The new season of Grimm starts this week. If you haven’t played it yet, now’s a good time to start!

I’d update more, but I really need to try to get past this block. I’ve learned that if I jump to another project when I’m stuck, I just stay stuck and never go back to it. The last couple of chapters have been a little weak, but that’s okay – thinking comes with the second draft. Maybe my issue is that my edits in the past have been never-ending, and the story changes so fundamentally that I lose my original inspiration in the tweaking… but then again, I don’t think any of my novels to date have had this level of potential.

Here’s to hoping…

Wish me luck.

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