Quick update

I was sent home on Monday, but didn’t really have a chance to update properly until now.

There is still some concern with the plummeting blood pressure (down as far as 76 over 45 around 4 am on Monday morning), and the contractions, and the edema (swelling feet when I’m not actually DOING anything), but despite Dr. Jason’s preference that I should just camp in the hospital until Daniel is ready to convert, the insurance would never sign off on it. I just have to monitor myself at home as much as possible, keep notes on what’s going on, and pray that something doesn’t go weird while I’m sleeping. The night monitoring is not as reactive as I’d like to see, but no one at COG seems to think there’s anything wrong with it. (Dr. Jason also does not agree on this point.)

Since the steroid shot on Friday and Saturday, my blood sugar has calmed down a great deal, so I’m not freaking out about the fact that I’ve run out of glucose strips to track it. I had to check it a lot more frequently than I was originally told to during this past week, so I ran out very fast.

Remy is staying over until tomorrow (Thursday) when Ginger will arrive. This is going to be interesting.


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  1. October 18, 2007

    Glad that you are home! And I LOVE the candy corn butt! ^_^

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