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This is a “get it off of my chest” thing. If you think it applies to you, that’s your business. And, yes, I’m leaving it public because some people need an indirect kick in the ass.


For the last couple of weeks, I’ve felt storms building and clouds forming under the surface of me, and I know I’m angry and feeling prickly and such, but I ride these things out because I know there’s always an answer at the end of it.

I have extended myself to a number of people and situations. I have made intense personal investments based on their stated intentions to heal. In a small number of cases, that stated intention was revealed as a lie. As disappointed and sometimes disgusted as I am in their situations and choices (who the fuck can possibly deliberately be that STUPID!?!?), I know that ultimately my anger and resentment lies within myself.

I’m the one that took the chance. I’m the one that upset my life for them. I’m the one that extended myself in places and ways that were above and beyond the norm. I’m the one that chose to go out on a limb mentally, emotionally, financially, and temporally to give them the chance that no one else seemed willing to give.

I should have SUCKER tattooed across my forehead backwards, just to remind myself every day.

The horrible part is that not everyone I’ve invested in has had this result, and in most cases, it’s really hard to tell what the ultimate outcome is going to be. Some people have to go down – even after, and especially after, receiving healing – before they can get back up. I accept this, and I make the time and space for them to grow in their own way.

But, I realized that my help is not a free-for-all, have-it-your-way kind of thing. “Oh, I’ll take the financial help and the time and the energy, but I’m not taking the advice or the healing” is NOT a reasonable compromise. It’s all or nothing. You’re going to work to improve yourself and your situation, or you’re not going to waste my time.

It hurts the most when people you love leave you a pint or more short on blood, and then they look at you all confused, like you shouldn’t be “over-reacting”. I used to have a fever dream where I opened the window to let an animal in from the storm, but as he drew closer and changed and evolved, I had a harder and harder time breathing. By the time he was sitting on the end of my bed, I was gasping for air, and he just looked at me like, “What? What’s your problem?”

I feel like that a lot right now. I’m sure that’s a big part of why I had to leave Astrocenter for a while.

Maybe I’m just too much of a giver. Maybe I don’t make my own needs and expectations known well enough. I struggle often between living without expectations and having to make stated expectations for students and clients. “I expect that you’ll have this done by X time, or we will have to approach the problem from a different point of view, and it probably won’t be quite as pleasant.”

But expectation leads to disappointment.

Ultimately, the thing I’m feeling is best described as bitter, bitter disappointment in people I expected a lot more from. In the end, alas, they were merely sad, broken, little humans determined to cling to their sad, broken, little ways. They SAID they wanted to grow and heal and feel better, but really, when they found out that it took sacrifice and commitment and CHANGE (holycrap).

Fuck ’em. I’m over getting screwed like that.

But… I am still what I am. Instead of telling the whole human race to go fuck itself, I will have to institute rules and requirements in order for me to get involved.

1) Everything is going to be in writing. This means that if you come to me with a problem, you have to sign a contract with me so that you know – and I have PROOF that you know – what’s involved. Period. Every time.

2) I’m not putting out more than you are, ever. If you accuse me of “pulling away” and “not being there”, think really carefully about what YOU’RE putting out. I’m not going to chase after you, I’m not going to track you down. And saying “the phone works both ways” only works if you actually ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE. This also goes for time, money, and energy. I’m not putting more into your healing process than you are.

3) Your healing is your responsibility, but asking me to be involved requires me to care. Don’t forget that, and don’t try to take advantage of that.

4) Nothing in life is free. You get what you pay for. And that means that if you put nothing out, you get nothing back. NO ONE is going to live with me again without having WRITTEN rules of exchange – kid-watching, chores, rent, etc. NO ONE is going to engage my services without going through a LOT of assessments and negotiations. And this may mean that a lot of people are going to think I’m the world’s biggest bitch very soon – and that’s your right. Just remember where it comes from.

Just like I have to turn my own anger and feelings back on myself, you have to do that, too, not because you’re “like me” (a narrow and apparently disparaging statement for some) but because you’re HUMAN. Start fuckin’ acting like it, for fucksake, and take some goddamned personal responsibility. I have a problem, and I can’t go ranting and raving at people – I have to peek under my own hood and figure it out because no one else can POSSIBLY be responsible for my feelings. But, at the same time, you want me to be responsible for yours, too? Fuck yourself. I’m not interested.

And, yes, I’m this pissed off and hurt by it. I’d love to hear what you have to say, but, NO, I don’t really want to talk to anyone right now.

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  1. January 29, 2007

    Consider this though …. for the handful of unfortunates that you are unable to reach, there are two handfuls whome you do reach. You may not see this or necessarily feel this, but for each person you reach – each individual who earnestly trys to hear and apply your offerings, once that person ‘gets’ what you are saying, they share it with others. They take the tools you have given them and share those tools with others and so on and so on. Pay it forward goes a very long way. Your gifts, blesings, wisdom, love and insight extends much further than even you are aware of right now. Take solace in that, if you will. You are amazing, gifted and wonderous. Your lessons are challenging, sometimes seemingly impossible, but so very much worth it. Your insight is harsh but real and painfully accurate and completely necessary. What you do is essential. It sucks that you are underappreciated and that you do not get back everything you put out … but as a healer, this is your cross to bear. It is worth it though when you see someone make a major breakthrough and the fruits of your labor blossom … er … well … something like that – you know what I mean.

  2. January 29, 2007

    Mad, or other wise, I still concider you as my sister and family. So like I do for anyone that I conceder as family even if they are mad at me or the world. *Hug*

  3. January 29, 2007

    And another one for the road. *Hug*

  4. January 29, 2007

    and THAT is what i expected to hear from you today! you go girl. remember there are some that do listen and some that you do help. good boundries….don’t stop the helping just set good barriers to those with wrong intentions. love you…keep it up!

  5. January 30, 2007

    Hnh. You helped me see a lot of my paths and ways to find my solutions, but I’ve never taken you as someone that leads the way down the path. I’ve always taken you as someone who reveals the paths before a person and points out the best one to take. Whether or not they take it is of no concern to you. Ultimately, the path is lonely and can only be followed by one person alone. Nobody can lead you down your path, and you really can’t lead anyone down theirs. Whether or not you choose to show up again at later times and reveal further paths to them is your choice.

    Nobody can get to a place they do not want to go. Everyone winds up where they wish to be, eventually. It’s just that often, most people are confused about where they WANT to go and where they THINK they want to go. What you have to ask yourself, and ask them to ask themselves, is: Is where I’m heading where I really want to go? Because if it’s not, they’ll never get there. If it is, they’ll arrive in good time.

    I guess what I’m saying is; sometimes, much as you love them and wish to see them happy and not hurting, it’s best just to let them fall over until they get the idea themselves. Which is why my house is currently closed to just about everyone. The ones that I know want to come here just aren’t at the point, yet, where they can really learn from what I have to teach them. And none of them can bring me a lesson valuable enough that putting up with them is worth my love and my energy and effort. Right now, much as I want to help them, there’s just no point to even trying.

    Just remember that I’m here if you need me, and yes the phone does work both ways but I also hate using it because I feel it’s impersonal. So call if you must, but if you can swing it, just drop by. My house is never closed to you.

  6. January 30, 2007

    I love you. (((Dawn)))

    I’m guessing I’m probably not one of the people you had in mind when writing this, but parts of it hit home for me anyway. *sigh* Maybe if I get poked in that sore spot enough I’ll actually move one of these days just to make it stop.

  7. January 30, 2007

    Darth Simon says:

    Regrettable, but too often the case.
    Have a nice hot bath.

  8. February 1, 2007

    Dawn, you have enriched my life in a way only one other woman has. You remind me so much of the most important and nurturing woman in my life, my mother. Having never met you face-to-face, I’d say that makes you a uniquely special person to me and a whole lot of other people.

    I wish the selfish would stop draining you so and give just as much back as they take from you.

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