Reflections on 2010: Part 1

What an intense year this has been…


Emotions are such strange things for me, which you’d definitely know if you read my post on the 30th.  This year saw the demise of my second marriage and the transformation of that relationship into something more functional for both of us.  It’s not a small point of pride that Joe and I still have an excellent relationship, that we’re both still working to take care of the kids, and that we’re on the same page about that.  Additionally, Michael (the first ex-husband) has tried to reestablish himself within the tribe, and while that’s been a vicious roller coaster for most of the year, it seems like the last couple of months have brought a new level of awareness for him that may allow that reintegration to be much more positive for everyone.

Besides that, I started dating again a couple of months ago, which has been a mixed bag.  I’ve met a lot of very cool people, some not so much, but it’s all been interesting.  My goals and desires for dating are changing a little bit, I think, and I suspect that the need that is fulfilled by another relationship is something that I’m only going to find through more experience.


Kids grow so fast – we all know this already – but this year saw enormous changes for everyone.  Lili became quite the young lady and started hitting the throes of adolescence, including the attitude and mood swings.  Miles started experiencing his emotions are distinctly and also started filling out more into a young man.  Joseph has overcome many of his autistic behaviors, got a really solid grasp on reading well and enjoying his bliss.

Daniel, of course, is another story.  This year presented us with the cystic brain tumor containing heavy metals, but at first, of course, we had no idea that that’s what it was.  Our only indication were the myclonic seizures and the sudden loss of intellectual progress – and then regression.  Naturopathy came to the rescue, and while we’re still in the process of treating it, we’ve made incredible progress.  He should be out of the woods and back to healthy by spring.

Going back to being a single mom has been a mixed bag because while I’m back to being primarily responsible, I’ve spent very little time actually completely on my own.  Someone has been living with us since February or so, and even now, there’s at least one extra person at any given moment.

More later….

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