Reflections on 2010: Part 2

To follow up on yesterday’s post, 2010 was a very exciting year.

I discovered many new foods and recipes and started really getting a grasp on the “Food Is Love” concept – well-enough to start getting it written.

I finished a handful of stories, but I’m still working on streamlining the submission process so that that stream of revenue can operate quietly in the background.  Nothing outside of the standard info articles was  published this year.

I started building my practice proper thanks to the impetus of my friend Irene, and though we don’t talk much every day from disparate schedules, she’s still in my heart every day.

I’ve met more new people in the last three months (two and a half?) than I think I have in the last ten years.  I won’t trade my ten-year friends for anything, and I’m curious to see who of these new people will be around in another ten years.

I think I had much more to say about 2010, but now I’m going to leave this off for now and contemplate the next post about what I’d like to do in 2011.

NOT resolutions!  Accomplishments!  TOTALLY different!

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