Right now, eleven years ago…

I’m sobbing uncontrollably at the reality of the adoption, and at the sheer and amazing relief that her parents are just as wonderful as I’d wanted them to be. I’m having contractions and feeling… disjointed.

And here, in the present, I’m trying to read a book and then I’ll head downstairs and play with Roux, and then I’ll eat a little more of that amazing Tri-Tip Roast I made tonight, and maybe some brussel sprouts if there are any left.

I had more to write earlier, but I think I got it out at my other blog page.

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  1. January 16, 2005

    Would you like a hug?

    It’s not much, but I can give it freely, and often.

    • January 16, 2005

      I would love one.

      Of all the medicines in the world, hugs work best, I’ve determined.

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