Say what you will, she’s MY Kira

In case you missed the memo, Kira left for Florida last Saturday (3/7) to make the next move of her life. She has worked so hard over these past eight months to heal and grow and learn to control the space between ego and spirit, and she has accomplished this and so much more. I could just say that I’m proud of her, but that doesn’t cover it. “Proud” is just not a big enough word. I can also so that I have been deeply honored to be able to be part of her path, and that gets a little closer, but it’s still not really big enough.

I told her before she left that all of her “plans” were not going to happen as she intended and that she just needed to play it by ear. No looking for work, nothing like that, and that she’d probably have to head from Pensacola (where her mother lives) directly down to Clearwater (where her friends and their mother is). The mother was dying, and Kira had already committed to helping the family through that time.

Kira got down there to Clearwater on Wednesday, I think it was. The mom was not doing well at all – bone cancer that had metastasized rapidly to all of the soft organs – and it was just a matter of time. She was in the hospital with a perforated colon for a couple of days, and then they sent her home Friday, I think it was, for hospice.

Last night, she passed on. It was hard – a very distinct death rattle – but Kira was there for all of it, holding her hand and making sure that three adult children were there for the moment as the mother requested. So much love and fear and anger and more love… and then she passed on. I told Kira today that I found it beautiful that this woman waited until 3/14 to move on to her next adventure. 3/14 is Pi Day (3.14) and it felt like she wanted to “come full circle”. (Yes, I’m still a geek. <3 ) Kira is helped to take care of the two grandchildren while providing a stable touch-stone for the adult kids. It's such an incredible responsibility to assist with the passing of family - or anyone for that matter - and Kira is handling it with such grace and real Love that I'm finding myself misting up just thinking about how far she's come and how much courage and Love she's demonstrating right now. Of all the things she's learned, the separation between spirit and ego is the most profound. When she finds herself losing sight of that line, when she gets too wrapped up in the head and emotional, she does the math problems that I assigned for the refresher class or just works out multiplication problems. Math has no emotion and is always the same, unlike humans. The consistency of unchangeable value is comforting and warm, like a blanket that wraps around us in exactly the same way, no matter how many times it's run through the dryer. In honor of the passing of a woman who made glorious mistakes and still lived in love, the Death Poem: Death is before me today Like the recovery of a sick man, Like the going forth into a garden after sickness Death is before me today Like the odor of myrrh, Like sitting under a sail on a windy day. Death is before me today Like the course of the freshet, Like the return of a man from the war-galley to his house. Death is before me today As a man longs to see his house When he has spent years in captivity.

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  1. March 24, 2009

    Thanks for posting so we know she made it safely to Florida.

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