See that icon?

That’s how LJ feels now that I installed WordPress on the Normality Factor. I thought there was a widget that would automatically update LJ from WP since LJ auto-ups to FB but WP doesn’t, and I like having multiple sources with the same material because even cutting and pasting is a pain…

I had a great time yesterday with my family, we ate a lot food, then we had some more food, and there was a side of food. 😉

More later, but right now, I have to get a little bit of work done and then go update WP… and if I can’t find that widget….

Well, then I guess I’ll just cut-and-paste. 😛

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  1. March 15, 2010

    Savvy really likes your hair… She has decided she is done with the Mohawk faze and would like to have her hair all the same length. I just thought it was funny and thought you might enjoy it as well.

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