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I tried to work yesterday – I really did – but I stared at the screen for probably half an hour, trying to remember where I was going with that. Was the main character a ghost? No, too much back-story on him… Was he somehow related to the victims? No, the timing was wrong. He was just a weird guy checking out a derelict car in the thicket… was there something about the suitcase?

And that’s when I remembered that I left my notebook of notey-notes at Lowe’s when we went to go get heat lamps for the well. Frak.

You’d think it wouldn’t be that big of an idea… but I remember only that I was really excited about the twist that I came up with… the one I can’t remember now.

So, instead, I’m knitting. I’m working on the CCIIRRCCLLEE and the Queen Anne’s Lace from MmarioKknits, I have to come up with a completely different thing for Shelly next door since I found out she’s allergic to wool (it’s a Fidget), I’m supposed to be making my brother some gloves… on this last one, there’s something that’s seriously blocking me, but I’m not sure what it is.

I’m 13 rows from finishing the Queen Anne’s Lace. This is a big deal. That means I only have … let’s see… carry the two… somewhere around 7850 stitches to go. Each row is between 700 and 750 stitches (roughly) since each of the 32 sections is 22 or 23 stitches long. And then I get to figure out how to block it.

But, I’ve got to finish the Queen Anne’s Lace so that I can have my 60″ cable back so that I can finish the CCIIRRCCLLEE, which is currently at the 565-stitches-per-row phase but will quickly get up to the 1125-stitch phase. It looks like it’s only going to be about 20-24 inches long (give or take) since I’m doing it in worsted weight yarn instead of lace weight (did I already mention this? I’m having the heaviest case of deja vu…) on size 8 needles (I think…)

Somewhere in here, I really want to get bundled up and head out to the shed to figure out what the hell happened to the other boxes of yarn I have. There are sweaters and Ice Queens and Cozies and Pointsettias lots of other things… but as much as I love shopping for yarn, I’d rather not have to head down to Fort Collins to replace specific types or re-spend for pricey yarns that I’ve already acquired. I bought those yummy yarns, dammit, and I want to use them!


Anyway, enough whining. I’m devoting myself to knitting and not writing today. This is my writing for the day. I won’t do anymore. Unless I get a really crazy-awesome idea that can’t wait.

You know how it goes.

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