*snip*… *snip-snip*… *sniiiiiiip*

Okay, so it’s really hard to make scissors go that long, but I worked at it.

I cut all of my hair off today and re-dyed it. I’m hoping this helps to fix my eat-shit-and-die attitude. I’m pissed off at everyone and everything, apparently having some very human moments where I’m offended at loss, disease, and insensitivity of the whole of the world. Fuck ’em all.

This usually works, at least for a little. It does, however, also demonstrate that, unless you’ve had a mohawk, a chelsea, or have had your hair more than one color that Mother Nature never intended, you’re not fuckin’ touching my hair, and especially not for money. See that icon up there? The one with the nice hair? I DID THAT. And then I went to get it trimmed up a little, and she BUTCHERED it. It grew out so craptastically that I started feeling violent every time I looked in the mirror. Not great.

I can’t wait for Dr. Dan’s office to call me back. I’d like to get this resolved. The being pissed off at the disease (or state of having the disease) is really draining me, and it’s the stupidest little things that set me off. Most of the time, I can let it all go and acknowledge that I’m just going to have to let some things go, but ordering my beloved Veggie Eggs Benedict from the Egg and I without a goddamn English muffin… I can’t think of a greater offense. Veggie Eggs Benedict was my joy-away-from-home, and without the English muffin, it’s just Poached Egg Soup with Asparagus. Blech. I don’t even miss the potatoes, just the English muffin. This sucks.

I’m having knitting issues, too, as though the rest of it wasn’t enough. I need to finish this gorgeous lace shawl that I’m making for Nana for her birthday (less than two weeks away), but it’s only about 2/3s done. I’m trying to do at least one or two full row-repeats a day (that’s 8 repeats of 15 stitches, 16 rows tall, so not a small task), but it’s just not coming. I’m not held up by the beads, but if I don’t make this goal, I suspect I’ll be even more miffed with myself. The main problem? I got new yarn for Joseph’s Blue’s Clue sweater and I really want to get started on that. Oh, and I also got yarn for an Ice Queen, and some gorgeous amethyst beads for the same, and that yummy Shadow in purple, and and and… You see the problem? And it’s not even that I’m excited or giddy or happy to want to start all these, it’s just that I’m looking for more and more to do to stay preoccupied.


Tomorrow is the Wyoming Caucus. Laramie County residents need to go to the Civic Center downtown to vote. It opens at 8:00 am. See you there. We’re going early.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I’m having a sale on hand-painted Easter eggs. $20 for basic design and names on a chicken egg, $35 for the same on a goose egg. Order now so I have time to get it to you. Easter is March 23rd.

EDIT: This is the hairs:

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  1. March 8, 2008

    Hair looks good – wish I could get you to cut mine. Joe never goes short enough to please me.
    I still haven’t heard from Jae and crew – have you?

  2. March 8, 2008

    Aw, now I think it’s pretty cute actually. But yeah, it’s hard to find the right person for one’s hair.

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