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So, as you know, I’m a total math geek. I just love math, and I love the way math is found in the weirdest places. I do multiplication tables in my head to go to sleep (unless it’s serious, and then I do exponents). Ah digs me da math.

Last year, our youngest son Daniel was born. He was delivered by C-Section to avoid having a horrible cord accident, but even that was a weird math thing: he spun around in such a way that he had a true knot in the cord that kept presenting in ultrasounds as a PERFECT CIRCLE. I was in the hospital for five weeks before they delivered him:

He was born on 11 – 13 – 07, all prime numbers, unless you read it as 11 – 13 – 2007, in which case 2007 is divisible by 9 which is the “magical accomplishment” of 3 (3 squared).

He was born at EXACTLY 3:14 in the afternoon, and 3.14 is the value of Pi.

Now, here’s the wacky part. Check out the kid’s BIRTH MARK:

Crazy, huh?

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  1. August 27, 2008

    I’m not entirely sure what I’m seeing here…

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