State of the Union

So, Obama’s already cleaning up Bush’s mess while the worst pope EVER is screwing up Catholic-Jewish ties, again. Iceland is having a melt-down, Congo warlords commit the worst atrocity ever, and Oprah has a near-miss with politics.

Meanwhile, idiots in Tanzania think that killing albinos brings good luck (everyone knows the opposite is true, especially after the police come a-knockin’), someone lost his head in Israel (it’s not what you think), and Canon the Camera Company caught a clue from Catholicism.

There’s a lot of disinformation out there today, too. Like, having a higher sex drive leads to prostate cancer. Not true, although the data they’re seeing could be the result of a virus. And obesity is caused by a highly contagious virus. Sure… but not so much. This one was already debunked last year, as I recall. Access to your computer from anywhere will kill the PC? But we can already do that, and do you really thing that we want to install all those drivers for our games on a library computer? Not so handy, not so secure.

But irony reigns in the South, the Year of the Ox reins in the luck, an 11-year-old wrangles for a record, Gordon Ramsay’s trouble’s rain, and a 15-year-old kid play a cop and gets arraigned.

I should totally do a news blog.

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