Still not dead

Just busy as hell. (Although, some days I feel like I should be dead, but it usually just turns out to be indigestion or something…)

Probably the most exciting thing right now is work. The first episode of Grimm comes out on the 31st of July. That means that it’s finally time to get the website populated properly, and that’s taking a phenomenal amount of work. My role has been better defined recently, so in addition to playing the builds (anyone wanna come over and try them out?), I’m also maintaining the Grimm MySpace page and the Grimm Facebook page. Plus, I might be going to ComicCon at the end of July to do a little one-on-one promoting. That’s in San Diego. No word for sure just yet, but I should find out early this coming up week.

In other news, Lili’s birthday was amazing. She got an iPod Shuffle, Harmony Interchangeable Knitting Needles, some hand-painted Peruvian Wool of the Andes (enough to make a sweater for herself), this awesome caddy from Nanytutu’s, a massive butt-ton of books, and a box of glitter spray, lip gloss, and other girly things from her Aunt Kira. We got her a chocolate cake with choco-butter-cream frosting that had roses and bats on it from the Bread Basket – all organic with no white flour or sugar, two-layered for only $12. (And it was AWESOME.) Just to make things a little more fantastic, she got a hand-drawn birthday card from xlana (her favorite author) with some shrinky-dinks of the main characters from “the Pelgorian Egg” and “the Thellian Crystal”. (You know, I STILL haven’t gotten a chance to read them – the kids seem to ALWAYS have them in their “I’m reading this – Don’t Touch” stash…)

Also, you may recall that Kira was heading this way for some math tutoring during the final months of her quest for an Associates degree. Well, we got through the final remedial math class (Algebra 099), and she got a 79 for the class. This is not bad, but MAN it was brutal. She took a 12-week course in a five-week “mini-mester”. They covered a lot of stuff that I sorta remembered, so I had to review a LOT, and the whole last section was on quadratics, which is what we were covering again when I dropped out of high school. I’m going to have to bone up a LOT more for College Algebra, but I’m okay with that.

I’m so proud of her! When she stopped blocking herself with the whole “I suck at math” thing, she really started getting the concepts and was able to do the majority of the work on her own without too much difficulty. This is an incredible turn-around from the girl who had to take every remedial course more than once.

By the way, if you need some help in the same arena, totally check out PurpleMath.Com. It’s possibly the best tutorial site I’ve ever seen, and I’m going to be using it extensively with the kids once they reach that level. I swear, it’s like I wrote the damn thing during some kind of unconscious moment… like… “sleeping”? Is that what that’s called?

On the home-front, Joe has a gig this weekend, I’m going to the Colorado Ren-Faire on Saturday for a “day off” (something I’m not completely clear on the purpose of, but I’m assured it’s going to be healthy – it might have something to do with herbs, or some kind of sloughing?), Lili and Miles are getting back into the swing of doing school, Joseph is finally learning to write his name (the whole “no video games until you learn to read” trick is working well), and Daniel is still growing like a weed. Dear GODS, but this boy is SUCH a Scorpio. His little eyebrows are SO expressive, there is never a doubt what he’s thinking. It’s a little scary, and I’m thrilled.

Knitting… mostly I’m knitting juggling pigs in preparation for ComicCon, and if not that, then other things. Once I have a certain number done, I’ll be able to get back to working on the Joe sweater.

Well, that’s it, kinda. I gotta get back to work. Deadlines make me happy because it keeps me from procrastinating quite so much.

OH! And in case you missed the previous memo: the diabetes is gone completely. I am happy.

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  1. July 4, 2008

    I read it all. If you’re in San Diego, lemme know. I’ll see if I can make time to come see you.

    Also, messed up something in there and it caused a raw dump of your post contents, including visible HTML tags. Might want to go check out the HTML on the post.

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