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LongAsThereAreViolets_Cover_v2The hardest part of any artist’s life, regardless of their media, is how to support themselves while they are devoting untold hours of work to their craft(s).  Society and culture are in no small way literally defined by the type and quality of art for any given civilization, and yet we are, in the modern world, completely stingy when it comes to art.

We want our books at less than a dollar, our custom artwork produced at mass-printing prices, and how many people actually own sculptures that they themselves bought just because they liked them?  (Answer:  few.  Most statuettes and sculptures are purchased as gifts by people who have no frikkin’ clue what else to get the recipient.)

I’ve been at this for a few years, and I think I kinda know some things.  I’m not utterly terrible as a writer, and I can confidently say that I’m ten times better than most of the self-published pieces out there.  (Yes, there are exceptions, but GOOD LUCK FINDING THEM.)  My ultimate goal is to be able to sell more stories to magazines, pick up an agent, sell some books, and earn a meager living exclusively as a creative writer.

It would be super if you guys could help me.

I have a ton of writing projects I work on at any given moment.  (Yeah, I can’t even be traditional monogamous in my art…)  One in particular I think lends itself quite well towards being a serial:  “Long As There Are Violets”.

It’s a modern day fantasy story involving a little old lady who is somehow related to someone in the family, though no one is completely sure how.  She wants to leave the old folks’ home, which, of course, is not entirely supported by her doctors, but what’s a diligent and devoted nephew-ish type relative to do but assist her in escaping?

Here’s the scoop:  I’ve just started a Patreon page.  You get can the first little sample of this story, and at the $10 per month level, you’ll get another 2000-ish word episode every Friday.

If you want to be really generous, you can dedicate $25 per month, and you’ll get “Violets” as well as a second weekly serial.  You’ll be allowed to vote on what that is (there are numerous options here), but the most likely candidate will be a superhero story.  This level also comes with periodic awesome treats, but since we haven’t gotten that far, I haven’t quite decided what they will be.

If you want to be really really generous, I have included a $50 per month level, and you’ll get “Violets”, the probably-superhero stories, and then also a third serial story.  You’ll definitely have to vote on this one, but I’m leaning heavily towards some stories from the Petrichor series.  You’ll also get first shot at test-reading upcoming novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, poems, and what-not, in addition to special invitations, writing/creativity coaching for your own work, and more.

I do have specific financial goals for this, too.  Long gone are the days when all I really needed was some beer money and scratch for a sammich.  Little D’s medication is pretty damned expensive, and if you guys only managed to dedicate about $500 a month, that would pay for his medicine.  Honestly, everything after that is gravy (though I would like that “gravy” to also keep him in diapers that fit, clothes for him and his brothers, maybe even help pay for an intensive writing workshop so day so that I can get even better).

I know it’s hard sometimes to find a way to support the people you want, economy money etc., so if you yourself can’t commit to a subscription, please at least share my posts, point people my way, things like that.  I’ll keep you all updated on how it’s going and how close we’re coming to the various goals, and when we reach those milestones, there will be even more perks in there for all of you.

Thanks ahead of time for helping me out.  I look forward to providing you with some holy-freakin’-awesome content.

Click here to check it out and sign up.

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