The accident – part 2

The other four accidents all had injuries, so we count ourselves as very, very lucky. And that’s even past the fact that we were right next to a straight drop-off cliff.

We were taken back to the Wendy’s (which was also an all-night truck stop) and that’s about the time my phone died. They did have internet, which was when I posted on Thursday, and Kimmie and Andrew came down from Cheyenne to get us. It was frikkin’ great, lemme tellya, waiting there with a grumpy pain in the ass for four hours. (His nice routine only lasted for about a half an hour.)

Friday, Bob and Shelly (my next-door neighbors) called to see how I was, and Bob offered to take me down to Trinidad to get my car. It was 4.5 hours down there (in great weather, by the way – seriously, it was in the 50s and clear), an hour and a half to get the car (that’s a whole other fucked-up story), and over nine hours back. A blizzard rolled into Cheyenne and northern Colorado, closing all of the major highways…

— Dawn Ellis-Lopez

“Only those that attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible.”

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