the flu… i haz it

*cough-cough* *hork*

Daniel has it, too, but his temperature is being controlled okay with the Tylenol, so that’s good.

I made new avatars today from all of the Sinfest comics I’ve collected over the years. I even colored some. Go me.

There’s a new contest over on the American McGee forum. Make a Valentine’s Day card using images, characters, and/or themes from any of American’s games (Alice, Scrapland, Bad Day L.A., or Grimm, or even Oz if you’re so inclined). You have to be a member of the forum (new members welcome), and entries will be graded on Taste, Originality, and Plating. (If you had an account but can’t get back in, email me – I might have deleted it in a clean-up, or else I can reset your password.) There are two main categories – Static Images and Dynamic Images (video, Flash, whatever). Think outside the box.

The prize is… yet to be determined and will depend on the winner(s) locale. Shipping rates to Zimbabwe are outrageous.

I knit, therefore I am.

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