The flu never just is

Joe and I had an awesome New Year’s Eve. We got a room at the Ramada only a block or so from the gig, and we have a wonderful afternoon just being together.

By the time I got home, though, yesterday afternoon, I was feeling kinda crappy. I was getting achy and stiff, I couldn’t pop my neck, nothing felt good… I laid down around 5 pm and only sort of woke up a little to take some medicine and stuff. I came to around 10:30 maybe, was up for a little while, then back to sleep.

I still feel crappy, but at least I don’t think I’m running a high fever anymore.

I’m still applying for writing jobs. I haven’t heard anything from that one company since I got the contract from them, and since I also can’t find anything about them online, I’m going to assume that they’re either not who they say they are or they are not prepared to do what they say they’ll do. Screw ’em, there are other fish in the sea.

I had lots of wacky dreams last night, working through some very deep stuff. I’m happy that it’s not big, dark and scary, but I’m also a little disturbed that it flew under the radar for so long. Ah, well, it’s here now, so I can deal with it properly.

Go, me!

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  1. January 2, 2009

    Hope you feel better soon!

    And good luck finding what an awesome writing job! If that one didn’t work out it was so something better would.

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