To-Do: November 2, 2009

Boy, what a day I’ve got planned:

* The Plumber gets here at 10:00 to do an estimate. Yay!

—– Correction: They’re “running behind”, so they won’t be here until 11 or a little after sometime around or after 2 this afternoon. >.O

* Finish paying off the reinstatement fee for my license.

* Track down the site or people to pay the other Colorado ticket. For reference, there IS no way to pay it online. That whole thing was just a dirty, dirty lie. And I could totally go to court about it in December, but that actually requires waiting, in essence, until there’s either a warrant or a flag on my license. No shit.

* Call on houses:

—– The house on Barnett has been leased since September, the bastards.

—– Check in with Andrea to see what other options we might have.

—– Check out some more sites to see what kinds of rental houses are not outrageously expensive. Thanks to the awesome of Heather (AGAIN!!!), Joe’s going to go check out a duplex this evening. Sounds very, very promising.

* Pack two-week bags for the kids, and then box everything else up.

* Tear out the rest of the exterior-side wall and re-sheetrock

* Hopefully, start on the taping and bedding today

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