To-Do: October 28. 2009

* Get the rest of the kitchen boxes repacked.

* Figure out what/if we’re doing for Halloween

* Put up the last piece of drywall in the bathroom prior to the plumber showing up.

* Call the plumber.

* Go through my clothes to sort out keepers versus not.

* Take out stew beef for dinner before noon.

* Help Lili set up her new LiveJournal account.

* Review one of my stories for possible submission.

* Get the kids each their own math assignment.

* Call my mother-in-law to make sure that she’s doing okay, find out about the house she was talking about.

* Cover the well bladder and close up the hole next to the house to keep it from freezing under there again.

* Call Ed and let him know that our note is assumable! Yay!

* List the comics on CPG for sale. (ongoing)


Not too bad, if I can get it all done.

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