Two? Two, you say?

Personal goal: 60 articles on in December because that’s what I thought I’d have to do to win that contest to post the most articles.

I was mistaken. The actual “real productive” person puts out 100 frikkin’ articles a month. You know… I realize that it creates ongoing (alleged) residual income (barely), but that’s just nuts, man. I’m thinking, “Does this person have a parse-bot? Are they producing anything of serious value?” I can’t even find out because I am not informed on who this person is.

Other personal goal: At least one article or query put out to a magazine every day. That means writing one longer-than-600-words article per day (more or less), and sometimes short stories.

So far, I’m doing pretty good. Three articles out there and one query – and the query is a point of politeness because you don’t walk up and just kick someone in the ‘nads like that. You give them warning. “Hey, would you like a kick in the ‘nads? It’s really high-quality and meaningful…”

I am also:

* completely re-writing from scratch my Reiki textbook. It will be available soon.
* applying to another resource site for work.
* collecting several guidelines to use as inspiration and fodder.
* working on a few more knitting patterns. I put the Elder Futhark Scarf in book form, with an additional Nordic tale attached (mainly to make it big enough to print). Downloads are $5, prints are $17.80.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

I wish someone would actually review “Grimm”… like… a magazine or something…

All this, and I only worked on the Reiki textbook today and getting organized. Reiki class tonight – maybe an online class soon.

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  1. December 16, 2008

    I saw that you’re a designer on Ravelry; do you also have patterns for sale there? And do you have an Etsy shop, by chance? Lots of people sell arts and crafts and patterns and such there.

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