I need you guys to re-verify who would like to be a test reader. I’m putting together a list, and you should receive a PDF from me in a couple of days. I’m going to blast through the last act, run through with initial edits, and then send it off and let your opinions fly.

Comment or email very soon.

The list of people I have so far is:

* Kira
* Brad
* Kasey
* Debbie
* Dave
* Dennis
* J
* Janice
* Jeff
* Joe
* Lynne
* Rachelle (and to pass on to someone else)
* Nana (and to pass on to someone else)

The people I don’t remember if they said anything or if I just thought they did are:

* Carolyn
* Shea

Anyone else, this is the time to speak. Once this one round of test-readers get them, I’m not sending them anywhere else but to agents and publishing houses. Benny? Did you want to? See how I am? So into the story I can’t remember things like eating, drinking and writing down lists.

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    • February 12, 2009

      See? This is why I had to double-check.

      Your email is… maybe your screen name at gmail? Mine is, so please email me so I can put you on the list.


  1. February 12, 2009


    Is this me? If it isn’t I wouldn’t mind being one of your readers, in fact I think it would be fun to read some of your stuff. I can’t guarantee that I will be the best editor, but if I notice something I can tell you. =)

    I have one of the things that I’m going to write for you done, I just want jenn’s opinion on it real quick in case I missed anything obvious. I’ll try and send it to you tomorrow. The other one is probably going to take a little more time, and the third I need to figure out still. =p I’m still trying to find a ‘serious’ topic that I would actually be interested in writing about consistently. Anyways, very tired so I think I’m going to go collapse now.

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