Weird dreams? Duh.

The memory of it is a little jagged, but I remember these bits…

There was a barbarian costume hanging up in an abandoned booth at a carnival/faire type place, but it was not specifically a Ren faire. It was more like a … craft fair? The costume was a standard short-skirt thing with an open-back top; the tag said it was originally $299.95, but it had been marked down to $31.49. I contemplated buying it for Dani since she would look great in it and that at least used to be her thing.

We were on our way somewhere on a heavily-trafficked highway (I’m not at all sure who “we” were, but I think Lili was there, and maybe someone else), and someone far behind us got impatient and caused a serious series of accidents (say that ten times fast). The chain reaction had cars flipping and crashing in various directions behind us moving up the lane, and that’s when I realized that Daniel was in the car and we were trying to get home to Joe and Miles and Joseph and how upset they would be if we didn’t make it.

The police/authorities asked anyone who had a strong stomach to help sort out how bad the damage was. Lili and Daniel waited in the break room/building to the left of the highway while I went out to help, and my job involved looking into the wreckage and counting how many bodies there were, how badly mangled they were, how many male/female/children, and if I found any survivors, to call for help and try to assist them. I found one survivor (who nearly immediately died of internal injuries as soon as she was clear of the wreckage) and a lot of bodies, none of which was pleasant or pretty and all of which was disturbing. In the dream, I’d succeeded in turning off my reactions so that I could get the job done, but right now, it’s kind of making me nauseated just thinking about it.

I marked the numbers of deceased and their demographic determinations on the wall next to the highway with chalk. I remember feeling insecure about that because it would be easy for someone to follow behind me and change the numbers.


Yeah, yeah, yeah… crazy dreams, but at least I’m having them, right?

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