Dr. Horam came in to do the daily assessment, noticed that Daniel’s been drinking from a bottle with great results for over 12 hours, and suggested that we could go home today if we were so inclined.

I said, “We’re very inclined. Very. Now. Inclined. Yup.”

We did have to compromise and split his feedings between breast milk and formula (I’m just not producing enough right now, and I chalk that up mostly to being stressed out from being here), but even if the breast milk is slowly edged out of the equation, we’ll be home, he’ll be strong, and that’s what really matters.

I was informed, though, that if we kept his average feedings at 50 ml instead of 46 ml, we can go to regular formula instead of having to get a special prescription for preemie formula. He is technically at 37 weeks of gestation now, which is generally considered close enough to full-term to count.

Can you feel the happy from there? Even through this headache (a spinal headache from the epidural that only responds to laying down flat, multiple Vicodin, and lots of caffeine), I’m all et up with the happeh.

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  1. November 28, 2007

    Yay Daniel! I’m glad he’s doing so well and that you both get to go home already! 🙂

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