What the hell’s wrong with me?!??

I’ve really got to get my shit together. That means that I’ve also got to get the rest of all of these little projects done so that my house is organized and I can think in more direct means. Clutter has its place, but not right now.

I may just be trying to get sick again. Maybe not. I’m being nibbled by irrational and dishonest nostalgia (wtf?!?) and bugged by ridiculous fears and worries.

So far today, I’ve replaced the traps in the kitchen sink since one of them got a hole it in. (Again, WTF?!?) I’ve washed my hair. I’ve started the transplanting of seedlings. I really need to get my desk cleared off and play more video games.

American McGee’s “Grimm” is going to be reviewed on X-Play tonight on channel G4 at 6 pm MST.

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  1. February 23, 2008

    And here all this time I was thinking that playing video games was all cool…n’ shit…;-)

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