Where did all of this STUFF come from?!?

Have you ever spent the whole day cleaning, only to look around and realize that you still don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything? I did that today.

Today I:

* got the shelves moved to their new home
* got Joe’s old bedside table moved into the storage shed
* got my old bedside table populated with Joseph’s clothes
* hung my clothes up
* hung Joe’s clothes up and put the rest in the new dresser
* cleaned out the cedar chest and repopulated it with blankets
* put the new comforter on the bed
* hung the Samurai tapestry
* hung another pair of fairey wings (not a typo – wings from Faires)
* repacked the boxes of garb
* cleaned out the new dresser carefully
* moved my yarn stash to a new home in the closet
* cleared up a bounced check issue from last October
* did a reading for my dad
* finally checked my email again
* re-registered with Express Personnel for some short-term assignments until my contract starts
* got a whole slew of things put aside for Goodwill
* organized some of the jewelry I’ve inherited

And… maybe it’s that my room is still a frikkin’ mess, what with the laundry not done yet, but I’m very tired (and hungry) and I don’t feel especially accomplished. There has got to be something wrong with me because this is the pattern on the days that I do the most. I wonder if this has anything to do with that whole “nothing is ever good enough” thing that I grew up with… and here I was, thinking I’d finally put that to rest. Maybe it’s come back because I have all of her stuff now, and that means some of her energy, too.

I need a smudge stick. Or a sandwich. One of the two.

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