Why is this affecting me so much?

So, I have my bio-mom Ginger, and I have my adopted-mom Lynne. They both live with me, and everyone gets along great. By Lynne, I also have my adopted-brother Jay. (None of this is legal, just factual.)

Momma Lynne’s brother Terry just died. We can’t make it to the funeral on Tuesday, but we can make it out to Missouri this next weekend.

I have never met Terry. I’ve heard about him, and I was looking forward to meeting him, but that was all stuff that was supposed to happen this coming up August or so.

Then why am I so upset? I feel like someone stole my dog and shot my bible. I’m sad and even crying a little.

I know intellectually why this is, but I feel a little weird getting upset and weepy 1) about someone I don’t know, 2) about someone I’m not technically related to, and 3) when it hasn’t even hit Momma Lynne yet.

This is not a good day to watch the Family Stone.

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  1. January 11, 2009

    I’m here for you, Heartsmile.

    Love you always

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